The total cost of the project is estimated at € 681,831. € 511,373 of them are insured by Financial Instrument for the Environment LIFE+ Nature and Biodiversity 2009.

Balchik State Hunting Area

/Партньори/dls-balchik.pngBalchik State Hunting Area is responsible for the implementation of the EU legal framework on the sustainable, multifunctional and close to nature forest management and the relevant Resolutions of the Ministerial Conference for the Protection of Forest in Europe / Warsaw resolution 2 - Forests and Water/. This responsibility is covered by implementing the National Strategy for Sustainable Development of the Forest Sector in Bulgaria, 2006 – 2015.

Balchik SHA cares the responsibility for the management on the area with the following activities: regeneration of forests, afforestation, anti-erosion activities, thinning; protection of biodiversity; protection of forests from pests and diseases; sylvicultural activities; utilization of timber and nontimber forest resources, etc.

The Balchik State Forestry Board has experience at forest re-management including implementation of Forest re-managing plans, forestation and implementation of anti-erosion and ani-fire activities. It has experience as a project implementer of a project financed under Bulgarian rural development programme. The beneficiary is one of the Authorities with significant importance in the region which has significant social impact too. In the last few years it’s the main supplier of wood material to the poor people under State social programme. This fact will lead to huge support on local level.