The total cost of the project is estimated at € 681,831. € 511,373 of them are insured by Financial Instrument for the Environment LIFE+ Nature and Biodiversity 2009.

The Executive Forestry Agency


The Executive Forestry Agency is a legal entity funded by the State budget. The forests in Bulgaria cover 4.04 mill. ha or 34 % of the country. At present the management of the state forests and the control over all the rest forests is responsibility of the Executive Forestry Agency with the following activities:

− regeneration of forests, forestation, anti-erosion activities, thinning;
− protection of biodiversity;
− protection of forests from pests and diseases;
− sylvicultural activities;
− utilization of timber and non-timber forest resources;
− hunting and game protection;
− extension services and others.

The EFA has a three level structure – Headquarters in Sofia, Regional Forestry Boards (RFB), State Forestries (SF) and State Hunting Areas (SHA). There are some additional branches covering seed control, protection of forests from pests and diseases, nature park management, etc. The territory of the country is covered by the 16 RFBs, the territories of which is divided to different number of State Forestries (141 in total in the country) and State Hunting Areas (37 in total in the country).
Executive Forestry Agency is responsible for the implementation of the EU legal framework on the sustainable, multifunctional and close to nature forest management and the relevant Resolutions of the Ministerial Conference for the Protection of Forest in. This responsibility is covered by implementing the National Strategy for Sustainable Development of the Forest Sector in Bulgaria, 2006 – 2015.

Executive Forestry Agency was a project partner, financed by Phare programme
Project tasks – Risk communication and risk prevention
Project partner Bulgarian part – Case study – river Varbica watershed, southeast Bulgaria, preparation of practical manual with activities against nature disasters and risks, incl. scenarios for education of the local people; provision of data to the Lead partner for the common activities
Network Mountain Forests /NMF/ – Interreg IIIC
Executive Forestry Agency was an Observer in the Project Twinning project BG2004/IB/AG/04/UE “Strengthening the administrative capacity of state forest administration”, Executive Forestry Agency was beneficiary; Main activities and results: 27 seminars on national level – trained 650 ; 169 one-day seminars on regional level – 4700 trained; 5 additional seminars and 6 working groups on national level in the fields of: legislation analisys and harmonization; training in implementation of legislation, sustainable forest management and GIS services; end of project June 2007