The total cost of the project is estimated at € 681,831. € 511,373 of them are insured by Financial Instrument for the Environment LIFE+ Nature and Biodiversity 2009.

The project

Project objectives:

The overall objective of the project is to ensure long-term conservation of priority oak habitats by reforestation measures and Management Planning.

The project is targeting 4 types of priority oak habitats from Bulgarian Black Sea coastal areas which experience very similar treads and face the same conservational problems. They are: Pannonic woods with Quercus petraea and Carpinus betulus (91G0*), Pannonian woods with Quercus pubescens (91Н0*), Euro-Siberian steppic woods with Quercus spp. (91I0*) and Eastern white oak forests (91AA*). The actions will be implemented in two target areas designated under Bulgarian part of Natura 2000 network - Batova Reka Valley Protected Zone and Emine - Irakli Protected Zone. Both areas are situated in the Black Sea coastal area. Both sites has vast areas with significantly degraded forestry areas where the oak woodlands were native.

The measures for all these habitats must be integrated in the same project as they thrive on the one and the same area and there is a threat to suppress one of them if targeted separately.

Additionally measures for conservation and achievement of the most favourable condition of one more habitat type is incorporated in the project. This is the priority habitat Subcontinental peri-Pannonic scrub (40A0*). The habitat suffers by fragmentation and pressure by the surrounding woodlands. It is there for recommended to undertake conservation actions together with the forestry areas.

Objective 1: Restoration of priority oak habitat types on area of 115 ha

Objective 2: Elaboration of Action Plan for restoration and management of the habitats

Objective 3: Decrease of unfavorable impact of free movement of people and grazing on the restoration area

Objective 4: Awareness rising of nature conservation of Black Sea coastal woodlands Objective 5: To improve fire safety in forests and improving growing opportunities and the ability to absorb carbon dioxide

Actions and means involved:

A. Preparatory actions, elaboration of management plans and/or of action plans

ACTION A.1: Convention of scientific workshops and discussions with stakeholders

ACTION A.2: Elaboration of an Action Plan for restoration of the target Habitats and their sustainable management

C. Concrete conservation actions

ACTION C.1: Collection of reproductive material - oak acorns and seeds from accompanying tree species with local origin

ACTION C.2: Growing of seedlings in nursery

ACTION C.3: Regeneration cuttings in devastated forestry areas

ACTION C.4: Soil cultivation

ACTION C.5: Site planting of acorn - first year and partially on the second year

ACTION C.6: Site planting two year seedlings

ACTION C.7: Amendment of the acting Forestry Management Plan in accordance with Bulgarian Forestry Act 

ACTION C.8: Removal of artificially grown coniferous plantations in Emine - Irakli PZ

ACTION C.9: Cultivation actions in second and third year

ACTION C.10: Fencing - 12 kilometers fence with special holes situated near the ground

D. Public awareness and dissemination of results

ACTION D.1: Installation of Informational boards

ACTION D.2: Development of project web site

ACTION D.3: Two days workshop for the representatives of Bulgarian forestry Authorities

ACTION D.4: Convention of 8 Informational and awareness razing seminars

ACTION D.5: Media and events project promotion

ACTION D.6: Study of results achieved under the project. Preparation of Final report for the results achieved by project activities implementation.

E. Overall project operation and monitoring

ACTION E.1: Project Management

ACTION E.2: Project progress monitoring

ACTION E.3: On-site free oak cultivation for visitors with the assistance of trained staff/ Visit to schools/Wardening

Expected results (outputs and quantified achievements):

- Collected reproductive material;

- 1 research of genetic structure of collected reproductive material-

- 6 000 tones of oak acorn of native species and local sub-species

- Cultivated accompanying species sapling on the territory of target Habitats

- Increase in the resistance of the new forest and upgrade the habitat quality. At least 400 000 seedlings will be cultivated

- Lighted growing saplings; created linking corridors between separate but near situated habitats areas

- 90 ha with improved growing conditions in Batova Rivar Valley PZ-

- 25 ha with improved growing conditions in Emine - Iracli PZ-

- Treated and machined soil ready for sow of oak acorns

- 50 sets of work tools for soil treatment

- Handmade soil preparation activities for at least 45 ha

- Mechanical cultivation at up to 20 ha

- Hand Development and construction of terraces up to 35 ha

- Covered target habitats territory with oak acorns

- 115 ha sowed area with oak acorn-

- 20 ha resowed area on the second year

- 400 000 tree seedlings planted-

- 2 amendments of the acting Forestry Management Plan in accordance with Bulgarian

--Forestry Act on area of 115 ha-

-12 ha of old coniferous plantations cleaned.-

- Provided favourable conditions for sustainable development of target habitats

- Total area for cultivation of seedlings in the time frame of the project

- Total area for cutting back of unwanted competitive species and coppicing in the time frame of the project - twice of 40ha, total area -

- Installed 12 kilometers fence with special holes situated near the ground; outfit for the fence security; -

- A territory of 16 km 2, with iron fences, with about 12 km of fence which to fence the young seedlings-

The project is considered to be a climate change adaptation project, too